The Mature Worker Action Team

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The Mature Worker Action Team (MWAT) was brought together initially by a senior with a vision of organizations and individuals working collaboratively to develop innovative programming to keep older individuals working when they wanted or needed to.  The team is comprised of members from Kerby Centre, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, McBride Career Group, and Talent Pool.

The MWAT is supported by representatives from the City of Calgary, Alberta Ministry of Labour and Alberta Ministry of Community and Social Services.  The member organizations perceived that there was a lack of community support directly targeted to an aging workforce and services currently available for youth, persons with disabilities or immigrants are not always appropriate for the older worker.

Through the research, the Mature Worker Action Team, has defined the mature worker as an individual aged 50 years and older.  Research has also identified a rise in the number of mature workers unemployed due to layoffs in the Calgary market and have been unable to find new employment in their current field or who are unable to transition their experiences into new employment.

Research has also shown challenges for mature workers re-entering or maintaining employment. In particular those with less than post-secondary or high school education or recent training have experienced the greatest challenges to transition within their current employment or find new employment.  Many of these workers were unable to keep up with the knowledge curve and / or learn new skills to continue being competitive in the labour market.

The Mature Worker Action team offers two project streams:

  1. Employer Age-Friendly Strategies, will communicate, educate and connect employers with mature job seekers thus increasing employment opportunities and acquiring knowledge putting workers back into the labour market while acknowledging their successes along the way.
  2. Job Seeker Ready to Work, will provide short term supports, information and coaching for job seekers who are 50 years of age and older and are struggling to navigate a job search in today’s competitive market.

Specifically these strategies identified a need:

  • to promote the value of hiring and retaining of older adults,
  • to educate employers regarding age-friendly workplaces, and
  • to support the provision of ongoing education, coaching and access to resources to support older adults seeking employment including self-employment.

 The project objectives are:

  • Promote the value of hiring and retaining of older adults, and
  • Educate employers regarding age-friendly workplaces.
  • Addresses several barriers and challenges reported by both the mature job seeker as well as service providers. To include: the provision of ongoing education, coaching and access to resources to support older adults seeking employment including self-employment
  • Create materials that will acknowledge and address gaps in participant/job seeker: skills, attitude and up to date job search and application techniques.

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Age-Friendly Inclusion – The Who, Why, and How in the Workplace

Join us for a morning of networking, information and resources in support of Age-Friendly Inclusion. We are excited to bring you Maddy Dychtwald of Age Wave, to talk to us about Mature Workers in the workplace and the impact of Age-Friendly Inclusion in our organizations, communities and economy.

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