Ways to Give

Kerby Centre needs your help to help older adults!

Your gift will help us expand our community outreach programs to support seniors in Calgary who have been severally impacted by COVID-19. Our work for Calgary’s seniors and our city continues.

In addition to supporting those around you, please consider donating to Kerby Centre to support our work in the community which is helping seniors receive vital services during these uncertain times. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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We need your support, now more than ever, to ensure that seniors in our community have access to life’s basic essentials like food and medicine. And to know that even though they may be isolated and alone, they are still supported.

Seniors are among the most vulnerable to Covid-19 which can be life-threatening for many. To help keep our community safe, Kerby Centre is temporarily shutting its doors to the public but we’re committed to continuing our vital outreach services to support the most vulnerable seniors in Calgary.

In response to the ever growing need, Kerby Centre is expanding our grocery delivery program (Thrive) to provide at risk seniors and those in self isolation due to COVID-19 with much needed groceries, frozen meals and prescriptions. Our Elder Abuse Line will remain open to support seniors facing abuse and the Kerby Rotary Shelter will continue to provide safe and secure shelter for seniors fleeing abuse. Seniors in our on-site Adult Day Program will now be supported through our outreach activities, home visits and pre-made frozen meals. And seniors seeking information resources about important things like housing and benefits can still reach us by phone.

Our important work for Calgary’s seniors and our city will continue but we can’t do it alone – we need your help.

Your donation will help our most vulnerable seniors feel safe and secure knowing that they are being supported and cared for during these challenging times. Your donation will also help Kerby Centre to stay strong and unwavering in our support of Calgary’s amazing seniors. We are in this together.

Others Ways to Donate

  • By telephone – call Kerby Fund Development at (403) 705-3235 to make a donation by credit card (Visa/MasterCard).
  • By Mail – To make a donation by mail, please print and complete the form attached below then send it with your payment to the address on the form.

Monthly Giving

Support the activities of Kerby Centre by making a monthly gift. You can authorize Kerby Centre to withdraw a set amount from a credit card each month. For more details, call Kerby Fund Development at (403) 705-3235.

Charitable Number: 11897-9947-RR0001