Kerby Rotary Shelter

Shelter for older adults fleeing elder abuse

Kerby Rotary Shelter is a safe place for men and women 55+ who are experiencing elder abuse.

We can help you regain your confidence, sense of peace and place in the community.

Elder Abuse Resource Line: (403) 705-3250

The Elder Abuse Response Team assists police and social workers to respond to allegations of abuse.

Contact us if you feel:

  • Isolated, sad, or depressed
  • Frightened by the actions of another person
  • Confused by what is happening in your home
  • Unsafe

We can provide you with safety, emotional support and personal care support.

We will help you with:

  • Finding information
  • Accessing financial assistance
  • Transportation and housing
  • Legal and health care support

Learn more about our Elder Abuse Resource Team page

Elder Abuse Resource Line

Elder Abuse Resource Line: (403) 705-3250.