Elder Abuse Response Team

Elder Abuse Response Team (EART)

The Elder Abuse Response Team (EART) is a collaboration between Carya, Kerby Centre, and the Calgary Police Service.

EART assists police and social workers to respond to allegations of abuse. Elder abuse includes emotional, physical, sexual, or financial abuse, as well as neglect, and violation of rights.

CPS: *To make a report on a suspected case of elder abuse please call the police Non-Emergency Line at:

(403) 266-1234.

If this is an emergency or someone you know is at immediate risk, please call 911

Kerby Centre: Please call the Elder Abuse Resource Line at (403) 705-3250 for more information about elder abuse, resources, or to inquire about shelter space.

For EART administration information please email: karenW@kerbycentre.com


Elder Abuse Resource Line

(403) 705-3250