Elder Abuse Response Team

Elder abuse resources

Elder abuse is any action or inaction by a person in a position of trust that causes harm to an older person.

This includes emotional, physical, sexual, or financial abuse as well as neglect and violation of rights.

To report a suspected case of elder abuse, please call (403) 705-3250 (Elder Abuse Resource Line).

The Elder Abuse Response Team coordinates police and social workers to respond to allegations of abuse.

Contact us if you, or an older adult in your life, feels:

  • Isolated, sad or depressed
  • Frightened by the actions of another person
  • Confused by what is happening at home
  • Unsafe

We can provide safety, emotional support and personal care support.
We will help with:

  • Finding information
  • Accessing financial assistance
  • Transportation and housing
  • Legal and health care support

The Elder Abuse Response Team is a collaboration between Carya, Kerby Centre and Calgary Police Service.

For EART administration information please email karenW@kerbycentre.com


Elder Abuse Resource Line

(403) 705-3250