For health information, please contact 811

For general information on community resources, please contact 211 or visit

Click here for a list of COVID-19 links and resources for seniors.


Kerby Centre is reallocating staff and expanding our Grocery Delivery Program to meet the needs of Calgary’s seniors, the age group most at risk during this pandemic.

If you are a senior who cannot leave your home for groceries or medications, please contact our Grocery Delivery Program at (403) 234-6571. We are opening the program to any senior regardless of income, including those in self-isolation.

Outreach Programs Still Operating

  • Grocery Delivery Program (Thrive) is expanding to serve more seniors (403) 234-6571
  • Seniors Information Resources by phone (403) 705-3246
  • Volunteer Department 403-705-3177
  • Elder Abuse Resource Line (403) 705-3250
  • Kerby Rotary Shelter for older adults fleeing elder abuse
Kerby Centre is offering tax filing by phone for seniors with an income under $35,000 ($45,000 for a couple).
**Due to increased demand, this service will continue after June 1.**
Call (403) 705-3246 for information.

Our work for Calgary’s seniors and our city continues. In addition to supporting those around you, please consider monetary donations to nonprofits that are meaningful to you.

We are currently working with other agencies and the city and provincial governments to evaluate additional services that Kerby Centre can add to best support Calgary’s seniors during this time.

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