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Spring B28: Ukulele Magic! Playing by Ear, Intermediate

Free at last! Yes, it’s time to lose your dependence on “the page”. Hearing chord changes to give your music more life will be the focus of this class. Note that this course is designed for those who feel “hopeless” in accompanying 3-chord songs without visual help no matter how well they can play. You will learn how songs and tunes are constructed chord-wise and class exercises will include ear training with lots of group jamming and individual practices. Never again will you panic when someone says,

“Bring your uke and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Uncle Joe”, or “Let’s jam!”

Prerequisite: An introductory ukulele class and the ability to sing or hum in tune.

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Instructor: Barry Luft

Room: 308

**This class runs on Wednesdays during the scheduled dates.**


Wednesday 08 April, 2020 - Wednesday 10 June, 2020
9:45 am - 10:45 am