2021 Calgary General Election

Your Vote Matters!

Advance Voting Station

Kerby Centre is your Advance Voting Station for Ward 7 & 8. 

Make sure you have all necessary information before you cast your vote in this municipal election.

Your Vote Matters Documentary

Who will you vote for as your new mayor, and are seniors’ issues on their radar? Kerby Centre collaborated with THIRD ACTion Film Festival and asked mayoral candidates to respond.

“Your Vote Matters!” – A Forum for 2021 Calgary Mayoral Candidates to speak to older Calgarians about issues affecting them, and their families.

We provided questions as a guideline for what we see as the most pressing concerns of older adults in Calgary. Each candidate has three minutes to address via their self-produced video snippets. Candidates are lined up in alphabetical order in the video.

Isolation among seniors was a concern before the pandemic and is now reaching a crisis point. How would you address having seniors more engaged in their communities? 

Surveys show that approximately 90% of people intend to stay in their own homes during their senior years. How would your new mayor lead city development to support this?