Calgary Marathon

Walk & Run for Seniors

Run for Kerby in the Calgary Marathon!

Team Kerby is lacing up our sneakers to walk and run in the Calgary Marathon in May – but it’s looking a bit different this year.

We will be joined in 2022 by seniors who take part in Kerby Centre programs and initiatives. Our team will be walking and running to raise money and awareness for Kerby Centre!

Support Kerby Centre's Programs!

Money raised for Kerby Centre through the Calgary Marathon will support programs and initiatives our senior marathoners are involved in, including our new BeneFIT program, a free online recreation initiative and our Sidewalk Seniors program.

BeneFIT is a new annual program aimed at helping seniors reach their fitness goals. Staff help set smart goals, provide monthly inspiration and workshops and group walks for participants. The cost – FREE! The goal is to help keep seniors physically healthy and engaged with their community.

Sidewalk Seniors isn’t just about walking, it’s about walking and talking TOGETHER. This new initiative has been incredibly successful with people eager to join. While walking is good for physical health, walking together has been beneficial for seniors isolated during the pandemic. They can safely enjoy being with others and get outside (or in the Plus 15s in cold weather) to get their steps in!

Throughout the pandemic Kerby Centre has been committed to supporting the health and wellness of seniors. While we had to close our doors, we launched free online fitness classes to reach seniors in their homes. We’ve received so much positive feedback that we will continue to offer online classes even though our doors are now open.

Mark Your Calendar

Sunday, May 29, 2022 (in-person race)

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Team Kerby

Please tell all Members, Clients, Volunteers, Friends and Family. Let’s get a large group together and support Kerby Centre!

If you need any assistance registering or have any questions, please call (403) 705-3232.

How To Join?

Participants will be able to choose between an in-person event on May 29, 2022 or the virtual race experience from May 29 to June 28, 2022.