Kerby’s WISE OWL Boutique: Meet Anne!

Did you know that by making a purchase in the Wise Owl Boutique you are supporting seniors like Anne who use their talents to craft items for the store!?

Meet WISE OWL Boutique Consignor: Anne Johnson (consignor 07J)


“The correct term for anyone who engages in needlework is a “sewer”. Some modern writers also started using the catchy, new term “sewist”, which combines the words “artist” and “sewer”.”


Anne Johnson, consignor 07J, has been crafting items for the Wise Owl Boutique for close to 10+ years. Prior to Kerby Centre, Anne consigned her items elsewhere, but she was looking for a new, additional outlet to sell. It was an unfortunate/fortunate incident that introduced her to the Wise Owl Boutique. Anne was waiting outside near Kerby Centre one day when some snowmelt fell on her head. A few Wise Owl volunteers who were also outside at the time and came to check on her and the rest is history, so they say. While Anne was initially introduced to the Wise Owl as a consignor it didn’t take her long to sign-up as a volunteer for the Shop as well. Currently, Anne has contributed over 4000 volunteer hours!


Anne is an incredibly talented knitter and “sewist” and if you have been in the Shop, you will recognize her well-crafted aprons and baby wear. Anne said she picked up her skills from her mom, who used to sew all their clothing. Anne is originally from England and moved to Oliver, BC in 1974.


Anne said she likes being a consignor in the Shop because she gets to help people. Anne has a huge heart and will jump in to help anyone with their project if she can and she said, “It often gets me into trouble”. Anne also makes dresses and other children’s clothing to be sent to Kenya with a friend who does conservation work there. Anne is also an animal lover and volunteers at the Calgary Zoo as well. 


So, the next time you are at Kerby Centre, be sure to stop by the Wise Owl Boutique and check out some of Anne’s items and support seniors at the same time!