Register for your FALL 2022 Courses!

Member Registration Starts August 4th

Non-Member Registration Stats August 15th

Here is your list of what’s going on this fall! Visit our new Education & Recreation, and Membership Community Section for all the details and registration information. 

A01 Chen Tai Chi & Tai Chi Qi Gong
A02 Fitness with Dan
A04 Muscle Strength & Core Balance
A05 Feet to the Beat
A06 Dance thru the Decades
A07 Line Dancing – Beginners
A08 Line Dancing – Intermediate (with some experience)
A09 Pilates Fusion
A10 Chair Yoga
A11 Yoga for You
A12 Zumba Gold
A13 Zumba Gold
A14 Bhangra Basics
B01 Arts in the Afternoon – Acrylic
B02 Arts in the Afternoon – Acrylic
B03 Paint & Sip – Special Members Only
B04 Creative Crafts
B05 Creative Crafts
B06 Calligraphy
B07 Watercolour – Advanced Techniques (Tonal Values)
B08 Watercolour – Advancedn Techniques (Vertical Linem Structure)
B09 Spanish Grammar I
B10 Spanish Grammar II
B11 Spanish Grammar III
B12 Spanish Grammar IV
B13 Advanced Grammar
B14 Spanish Conversation I
B15 Spanish Conversation II
B16 Singing Circle
B17 Ukulele Magic Level I
B18 Ukulele Magic Level II
B19 Social Singing
B20 Kerby Chorus
B21 Outdoor Safety & Awareness
B22 Outdoor Safety & Awareness
B23 Situational Awareness & Mental Toughness
B24 Dealing with Difficult People
B25 Beginner Plant Identification
B26 Beginner Plant Identification
B27 Botany for Gardeners
Z01 Stay Fit – Zoom
Z02 Ski Fit – Zoom
A21 Drum Fit (on-going) – Zoom
A15 Chen Tai Chi & Tai Chi Qi Gong – Zoom
A16 Muscle Strength and Core Balance – Zoom
A17 Fitness with Dan – Zoom
A18 Gentle Seated Yoga – Zoom
A19 Yoga for You – Zoom
A20 Ski Fit – Zoom