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Kerby Centre Chief Executive Officer

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Kerby Centre is looking for an outgoing, charismatic, visionary leader who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors to become their next Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  As a champion for the community, our new CEO will be committed to taking a leading role in creating inter-agency and inter-sector partnerships and collaborations that demonstrate our core values and achieve results that are in the best interests of both the organization and community.  A change agent who is comfortable in a rapidly shifting environment, our next leader will have a win-win approach to problem solving.

Our new CEO will be able to bring out the best in others, empowering them to be successful not just as individuals but as teams.  The successful candidate will be a motivator and team-builder, able to support development of staff by delegating responsibility and promoting teamwork within a skilled and diverse team. Open and personable, our new CEO will model respect and trust, be inclusive in decision making, and able to make critical decisions that are firm and fair yet compassionate.  A collaborative management style with good listening skills, flexibility and patience is key.

A strong communicator, the successful candidate will be comfortable with public speaking and humble in sharing success with others. They will have the skills to solicit significant support to fund Kerby Centre’s mission and will be politically astute and influential in the community to ensure Kerby Centre thrives into the future. Our new CEO will be able to build, or will already have, effective relationships with key government and sector stakeholders.

A strategic leader with strong tactical skills, our next leader will be confident and enthusiastic, supporting a dedicated volunteer board of directors in its governance duties.  Respecting the history and values that have made Kerby Centre successful to date, they will have an innovative approach to developing new services and programs to serve seniors that are sustainable and have a strong business case. The successful candidate will have a good understanding of non-profit finances, including project-based funding, grant applications, reporting and their implications.

Organization Overview

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Kerby Centre is a not-for-profit organization, committed to enhancing the lives of older adults. Founded in 1973 as the Kerby Assembly, Kerby Centre (as it is now known) has evolved into one of Canada’s flagship agencies setting the standard for older adult services, information, and programming.  Serving more than 30,000 people each year, Kerby Centre strives to assist older adults to live as well as possible, for as long as possible, as residents in the community.

“To help you, to teach you, to grow with you; this is your Kerby Centre.”

Kerby Centre provides a variety of programs and services out of its central location in downtown Calgary including:

·         Adult Day Program ·         Kerby Rotary House Shelter
·         Elder Abuse Resource Line ·         The Thrive Program
·         Diana James Wellness Clinic ·         Kerby Information Resources
·         Housing Referrals ·         Personal Decision Making
·         Education and Recreation ·         Room rentals and catering
·         Kerby Travel ·         Next-to-New Shop
·         Wise Owl Boutique ·         Kerby News
·         Kerby Fit Room


Kerby Centre relies extensively on over 1000 volunteers who provide over 62,000 hours of service to members. With a staff complement of about 50 and an annual budget of $3.7 million (2019), Kerby Centre is funded by a combination of government grants, foundation grants, corporate sponsorships and donations, personal donations, and revenue from programs and services.  Kerby Centre’s main programs operate out of an aging 1948 building leased from the Alberta Government while the Kerby Rotary Shelter building is owned by Kerby Centre and connected to the main building through a Plus-15. For more about us, please visit

Role Emphasis

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the successful leadership and management of Kerby Centre and for consistent achievement of its mission and organizational objectives. The CEO’s major mandate is to ensure that Kerby Centre has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission and vision, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress on its goals. As the senior representative of Kerby Centre, the CEO clearly understands, demonstrates and practices the values and philosophy of the organization while building a strong, capable, engaged team who deliver quality programs and services. Other key responsibilities include resource development; optimal use of organizational finances, staff and resources; long range strategic and fiscal planning; building collaborative relationships with other agencies; enhancing Kerby Centre’s profile in the community; and ensuring Kerby Centre’s programs evolve to meet the changing needs of seniors in our community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leadership – As the overall staff leader of the organization, the CEO addresses both long-term strategic and near-term operational priorities through fostering an effective and motivational culture among employees and volunteers.
  • Operations – the CEO is responsible for effective implementation of organizational strategy and mission achievement through strong programming and alignment of all activities and individual efforts.
  • Human Resources – Delivery of quality programs and services is dependent on the employees and volunteers involved. The CEO is responsible for the effective support and management of this valuable resource.
  • Resource Development – Kerby Centre’s sustainability and ability to deliver on its mission requires strong and consistent focus on resource planning, development and management.
  • Financial and Risk Management – The Board delegates its responsibility for financial and risk management to the CEO. The Board fulfills its fiduciary accountability through an agreed upon fiscal and risk management reporting and monitoring process managed by the CEO.
  • Community and Government Relations – Collaboration and strong relationships are important to increase the impact of Kerby Centre’s programs and services. The CEO is responsible for developing and nurturing strong relationships to further the organization’s mission.


Key competencies the candidate must demonstrate are:

·         Networking and Relationship Building ·         Employee Development and Mentoring
·         Nonprofit Management Skills and Experience ·         Experience and Knowledge of the Seniors’ Sector
·         Leadership ·         Strategic Thinking
·         Communication ·         Planning and Organizing
·         Fund Development ·         Change Management
·         Resource and Fiscal Management ·         Teamwork


Required Experience/Skills

  • At least five years of experience in a senior leadership/CEO/Executive Director position, experienced working collaboratively with a volunteer Board of Directors.
  • A clear understanding of the non-profit sector and government systems, legislations and funding.
  • Collaborative and engaging leadership style.
  • Passion for and understanding of the opportunities, challenges and issues facing seniors.
  • Excellent communication skills: demonstrated ability to tailor communication to different audiences, particularly staff, funders, community leaders, and partner agencies. Comfortable speaking in public is important.
  • Strong business skills: Strategic planning, people and organizational leadership, sound financial knowledge, innovative program development and human resources management.
  • Excellent fund development/donor stewardship skills: a strategic approach to developing sustainable funding and a strong financial foundation through establishing strong relationships and support with funders and partners.


Masters degree or higher in a related field with a focus on seniors or a combination of relevant education and experience is expected.

impact8 Inc. is recruiting on behalf of Kerby Centre. Please send your covering letter and resume to:

Please send your information on or before September 15, 2019

impact8 Inc. thanks all candidates for their interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Kerby Centre will not respond to inquiries concerning this posting. Please direct questions to